Year of creation
Amir Levintal, Miki Shifman
Railway cybersecurity

Cylus helps rail companies to maintain safety and prevent service disruptions by detecting cyber- attacks on their operational networks. Led by veterans of the Cyber R&D Division in the Israel Defense Force’s Elite Technological Unit, together with former top rail executives, Cylus leverages its deep expertise in both cybersecurity and rail.


Rail operational networks, trackside and onboard, are more connected, digitized and wireless. This gives rise to new cybersecurity threats that cannot be managed thoroughly by existing security measures. As a result, they are vulnerable to cyber threats and attacks, which can jeopardize passenger safety and service availability. Cylus has developed CylusOne - the first-to-market cybersecurity solution designed to meet the unique needs of the rail industry. CylusOne provides unprecedented visibility into the operational network, instantly detecting malicious activities before harm happens. Alerts are supplemented with actionable insights, facilitating a fast and effective response.