SIGA OT Solutions
Year of creation
Amir Samoiloff, Ilan Gendelman
Industry 4.0, OT Cybersecurity
Innovative Out-of-Band Level 0 Cyber Security for OT Environments

SIGA OT Solutions provides OT monitoring and anomaly detection for ICS and SCADA in industrial and critical infrastructure applications. SIGA offers a unique and innovative approach to monitor critical assets and processes at level 0 – a bullet proof, 100% detection rate, of any cyber-attack, malfunction, system failure or deficiency of the critical asset.



SigaGuard is a comprehensive process anomaly detection system that monitors critical assets using electrical signal-based advanced analytics, by deploying Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning on this raw data. Electrical signals from the operational network cannot be hacked or manipulated and they provide a wealth of information to provide for operational reliability, cyber-security and process optimization. SIGA offers a paradigm shift in Cyber Security for OT environments and Indutrial Analytics.