Year of creation
Hubert Rachwalski von Rejchwald
Data-driven predictive intelligence and machine learning

We create custom AI-driven solutions that convert threats into profitable decisions. Be they fraudsters or legitimate cardholders, new shoppers or return customers, brand loyalists or discount hunters, we know how to tell each from the other as soon as they enter the website. We help companies sell more, earn more and make the most of each dollar they invest in business intelligence and fraud prevention.

Thanks to our unique blend of AI and human ingenuity we protect our clients’ bottom lines against fraud and truly streamline their risk management processes. 

Furthermore, we provide unique, data-driven business insights that they can leverage to get ahead of the game in the competitive world of online commerce. 


Our solution consists in 3 elements:

- A profiler capable of collecting thousands of data points featuring each individual browsing the website – their software, hardware and behavior,

- Machine Learning module for model training, model governance and easy retrain,

- Decision-making module issuing recommendations.