Year of creation
MacLane Wilkison, Michael Egorov
Data Privacy Infrastructure for distributed applications
NuCypher provides data privacy infrastructure for distributed applications that uses proxy re-encryption to securely share encrypted data and fully homomorphic encryption to process encrypted data.


Proxy re-encryption is a scalable form of public key encryption that allows a proxy entity to transform encrypted data from one public key to another using a re-encryption key, without ever having access to the underlying plaintext data or any private keys. It can be viewed as a mean of enforcing cryptographic access control permissions on encrypted data through the issuance or revocation of re-encryption keys.


Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) is a form of encryption that allows arbitrary computations to be performed on encrypted data. FHE, while in the early research stage, is a natural evolution from securely sharing encrypted data to facilitating operations on that data while encrypted.


At NuCypher, we believe that unconditional privacy is a fundamental human right, and the company wasfounded to build the tools and infrastructure to empower individuals and organizations to assert that right in the digital age. Distributed applications that store private data can use NuCypher to ensure that data remains private, confidential, and encrypted while maintaining the ability to securely share and perform operations on the data.