Trillium Secure
Year of creation
David Uze
Trusted Mobility Platform and Services powered by blockchain and AI

Trillium Secure makes connected and autonomous vehicles safe, and keeps personal information private through its Trusted Mobility Platform and Services powered by blockchain and AI. By establishing trust in data integrity, Trillium facilitates a marketplace for trusted data, applications and services, in addition to positioning customers for compliance with privacy regulations and protecting them from cyber-threats. Trillium accelerates innovation and monetization for OEMs, insurance and mobility-as-a-service providers.



Certified trust provided to organizations with the confidence to take strategic and bold actions, and to take full advantage of market disruptions. Trillium plays a key role in this respect by encrypting the emanating communications in the vehicle. Our embedded security products provide adaptive firewall solutions, self-secure intrusion detection and protection solutions that can work on telematic control units, gateways and/or domain controllers. This ensures that only communications that are supposed to have access, are allowed. Trillium vehicle security products are also enhanced with cloud-based artificial intelligence, for self-learning capability, from external sources and other vehicles connected to the platform. Establishing a secure connection between the vehicle and the cloud is another valuable benefit.