QEDIT & VMware launch blockchain privacy simulator & more

10 septembre 2019

VMware and QEDIT Go Live with Privacy-Enabled Supply Chain

QEDIT just returned from VMworld 2019 in San Francisco, where we unveiled a hot new interactive platform to showcase the power of zero-knowledge proofs for VMware enterprise blockchain customers. QEDIT’s simulation module is integrated into VMWare’s Hands-on Lab – a virtualized platform for IT professionals that enables the testing of VMware blockchain services prior to deploying in production. It will be available to the public at the beginning of Q4. The simulator demonstrates how companies in a supply chain can use blockchain privacy tools to protect sensitive business data, facilitate collaboration with competitors, and achieve better traceability along supply routes. Learn more about our cooperation with VMware, and the upcoming release of our new virtualized evaluation platform.   

Ori Wallenstein, QEDIT’s VP Product, led two expert workshops at VMworld 2019 in San Francisco to introduce the new QEDIT-secured privacy simulation module in VMware’s Hands-on Lab.


We Just Turned Three- Let's Celebrate!

If you’ll be in Israel for Tel Aviv Blockchain week and haven’t already reserved your ticket for QEDIT’s 3rd Anniversary Party on September 15th, what are you waiting for? Join us for cocktails, food and music on our gorgeous new office balcony – a 15 minute walk from the Ethereal Summit. Space is limited so register now!

QEDIT Weighs-in on Libra Privacy Debate

Facebook’s Libra initiative sparked a heated public discussion about privacy. QEDIT provided expert commentary in Entrepreneur exploring Libra’s potential to revolutionize e-commerce. CEO Jonathan Rouach’s thoughts are featured on Libra related privacy concerns and potential solutions. He also weighed-in for Les Echos, one of France’s most influential and widely distributed financial newspapers.  

Privacy-Preserving Traceability on Supply Chains

Leading manufacturers understand how Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) ensures product provenance for supply chains. So why isn’t there greater adoption yet? Transparency on a shared ledger is an obstacle to adoption – manufacturers’ production output and transactional details cannot be exposed to competitors using the same blockchain. Learn how QEDIT’s privacy solution solves this issue and request a copy of our supply chain use case for luxury goods.
QEDIT co-founders, Jonathan Rouach and Ruben Arnold, were proud to join CEOs from more than 150 Ant Financial portfolio companies for a weekend retreat at Qiandao Lake, China on September 7-8. The event was followed by a celebration in honor of Alibaba’s 20th Anniversary.       
Jonathan Rouach and Ruben Arnold at Ant Financial's "CEO Club 2019." 

QEDIT’s Lead Cryptographer, Daniel Benarroch, organized the firstWorkshop on Advanced Cryptography Standardization (ACS)on August 18th as part of the Crypto 19 Conference in Santa Barbara, CA. He also moderated a fantastic panel discussion on the importance of cryptographic standardization for industry adoption.
Panel guests (from left to right): Daniel Benarrouch (QEDIT), Hugo Krawczyk (Algorand Foundation), Dahlia Malkhi (Calibra), Eran Tromer (Columbia & TAU), Luis Brandao (NIST) and Tanja Lange (Eindhoven University of Technology).


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